Founded in 2009 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2023

Réseau des Acteurs du Développement Durable

Young Cameroonians working for ecological justice

The Network of Sustainable Development Actors, (RADD), was created in 2009 by young Cameroonians in search of socio-economic and ecological justice. RADD’s work and organizational structure have evolved to focus on the social, economic, environmental and climate injustices caused by systems based on domination. RADD supports communities neighboring agribusinesses, especially women, in defending their socioeconomic and environmental rights linked to these industries. RADD documents and challenges the negative effects of soil and water pollution on the health of women and children, as well as the inability of companies to provide agreed-upon health services. It also contests the restrictions on freedom imposed on communities by the fences and private security services installed on the plantations. RADD raises community awareness of the destructive nature of industrial plantations, linking capitalist agricultural development to famines and social, economic and ecological inequalities.

The network also supports smallholder farmers, particularly women, in adding value to their production through processing to avoid post-harvest losses and increase their take-home incomes. It supports small-scale farmers in seed sovereignty and the promotion of indigenous seed systems. RADD develops research on the impacts of the climate crisis with communities, and raises their awareness of climate change and the positions taken by the dominant movements.