Founded in 2002 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2016

Zimbabwe Smallholder Organic Farmers’ Forum

Building an agroecology movement in Zimbabwe

ZIMSOFF’s mission is to influence policies and raise public awareness with regards to agroecology and the rights of smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe. ZIMSOFF’s membership, now at about 12,000 active members, is made up of smallholder farmers from four clusters in Zimbabwe; Masvingo and Midlands, Manicaland province, Mashonaland provinces and Matabeleland provinces.

ZIMSOFF is made up of smallholder farmers working with a variety of stakeholders to ensure that issues of food sovereignty, land justice and environmental justice are represented in local, national, regional and international spaces. ZIMSOFF’s work focuses on agroecology, biodiversity, agrarian reform, seed sovereignty and gender parity.

ZIMSOFF’s programmatic focus areas are:

  • Organic agriculture
  • Natural resources management
  • Climate Justice
  • Advocacy in support of agroecology
  • Seed bulking of open pollinated varieties
  • Product value addition

Since 2013 Elizabeth Mpofu, a member of ZIMSOFF, has been the General Coordinator of La Via Campesina (LVC), an international peasant movement representing about 200 million farmers and a Thousand Currents movement partner. ZIMSOFF also hosted the International Operative Secretariat (IOS) of the LVC from 2013-2021.
Cover photography by Tall Grass Media