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Asociación para la Naturaleza y el Desarrollo Sostenible (ANDES)

Uplifting Indigenous knowledge as science

Asociación para la Naturaleza y el Desarrollo Sostenible (ANDES) / Association for Nature and Sustainable Development
Peru | Founded in 1995 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2017

ANDES is a Quechua organization that promotes the rights of Indigenous peoples and the biodiversity of food and agricultural systems. ANDES works to support Indigenous peoples through independent research and analysis, strategies based on the development of collective biocultural heritage, networking at the local, regional and international levels, and the promotion of new forms of cooperation and alliances.

ANDES links the theory and practice of Sumaq Causay – the ancestral Andean principle of harmony – to approaches of open and participatory science for the development of practical solutions and public policy, and to create biocultural resilience.

Formed by five indigenous Quechua communities using Indigenous practices to preserve over 1,400 native varieties of potatoes, the Potato Park is an example of the collaboration between ANDES and Indigenous communities. It demonstrates how indigenous cosmology and respectful collaboration between multiple actors and knowledge can produce alternative development models based on the Sumaq Causay. ANDES is scaling this model through training and consolidation of an educational program that promotes methodologies of decolonization, exchanges of experiences, and cross-fertilization among multiple knowledge systems.

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