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Why make a stock contribution

Most people think of writing a check when they want to make a charitable gift. However, gifts may be made with many types of property. You can receive significant tax advantages by donating securities rather than cash.

Many Thousand Currents donors have found that they achieve substantial savings by giving appreciated securities (stocks or bonds that have grown in value since they were originally purchased). You may deduct the full market value of appreciated securities, and avoid any obligation to pay capital gains taxes.

Donating Stock for Social Justice
Take for example: Maria owns stock that she bought for $2,500, which has grown in value over the last few years and is now worth $10,000. Maria is planning a gift to Thousand Currents and is thinking about how she can make the biggest difference. Here’s what it looks like if she gives the stock directly to Thousand Currents, versus selling the stock and donating the proceeds:
  • Give the Stock Directly
  • Sell the Stock Give Proceeds
  • Market value of Stock:
  • $10,000
  • $10,000
  • Capital Gains Tax (15%):
  • – none –
  • $1,125
  • Value of gift to Thousand Currents:
  • $10,000
  • $8,875
  • Charitable Tax Deduction (33%)
  • $3,300
  • $2,929
  • Total Tax Savings:
  • $3,300
  • $1,804
By giving stock directly to Thousand Currents, Maria is able to make the biggest impact and have significant tax savings.

A few other considerations:

  1. If, through gifts or inheritance, you’re holding stock that doesn’t align with your values (e.g. oil, armaments, tobacco), you can put them to work for social justice. Thousand Currents divests from such stocks and directs the resources toward critical social change work.
  2. If you’re in a tax bracket higher than 33%, the tax savings – and the impact of your gift – will be even greater.

Giving securities to Thousand Currents is easy

Thousand Currents can accept publicly traded securities (generally, stocks and bonds). These marketable securities may be transferred electronically to the Thousand Currents account at Charles Schwab or to any other brokerage account established by Thousand Currents. Or, they may be delivered physically to a Thousand Currents brokerage account with the transferor’s signature or stock power attached.

In order to make a stock donation, you will need Thousand Currents’ brokerage information, DTC number, tax ID number, and account number. Some of this is sensitive information, not to be published online.


When you’d like to make your stock donation, please contact Jessie Spector, Director of Donor Organizing.

Donor Ali Mann
-Ali Mann

Why I Donate

“I chose to make a big gift to Thousand Currents because it feels like an investment in the people who have the wisdom and experience to create new systems of care for people and the planet—not just for themselves, but for me, my children, and my children’s children, too.“

-Ali Mann

Additional important information

It is Thousand Currents’ policy to sell all marketable securities upon receipt, though the Board of Directors has the authority to make exceptions.

Charles Schwab does not provide information to Thousand Currents about who the giver is (merely XX number of shares of XYZ stock). That’s it! We need donors to let us know they are making a transfer and give us some hints (i.e. name of stock or approximately value and window of time when we might expect it).

Transactions often take two weeks to occur.

  • Please Note:The information provided here is meant to help you think about your charitable giving options. Every donor’s financial and tax situation is unique, so this shouldn’t be considered legal or tax advice. If you’re considering a stock gift, be sure to consult with your own tax and financial advisors.

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