Felogene Anumo

Regional Director, Africa
Felogene is a pan-African feminist activist with experience in advancing gender, social, and economic justice through research, advocacy, and capacity strengthening of feminist led organizing. She has previously worked with the AWID , Women in Law and Development in Africa (Kenya Chapter) and the African Women’s Development and Communication Network . Felogene is a chapter contributor to Gender, Protests and Political Change in Africa and co-author of the “Report on the Status of Ratification on the Rights of Women in Africa.” Her analysis has been published by London School of Economics (LSE) Blog, Open Global Rights, openDemocracy 50:50, Kenya’s Daily Nation, among others. She is a joint Blog Editor for the Business and Human Rights Journal (CUP) . Felogene enjoys spending her free time exploring the world with and through the lens of her 9-year-old daughter.