Ayşe Gürsöz

Communications Manager
Ayşe comes to Thousand Currents with a breadth of experience harnessing the power of narrative and new media for social transformation. Her commitment to reshaping the world to be more just and equitable has taken her from the newsroom at Al Jazeera’s social media network, AJ+, where she produced stories that were neglected by mainstream media, to Public Advocates, where she led digital strategy for a critical housing justice initiative; to Rainforest Action Network, where she led communications for high profile campaigns targeting the world’s largest financial institutions for their outsized roles in the climate crisis and Indigenous rights abuses. Over the past eight years, Ayşe has also worked as a multimedia producer and content creator with Indigenous Environmental Network and Grassroots Global Justice during major climate justice mobilizations. Ayşe has a BA from the Technocultural Studies program at The University of California at Davis. A 2019 Lucie Foundation “Photo Taken, Emerging Scholarship” nominee, Ayşe is also a seasoned photographer who continues to build up her portfolio. In her free time, she cooks up her favorite Turkish recipes from scratch, and crushes on her favorite director, Taika Waititi.