Deepa Ranganathan

Editorial Manager
Deepa is a brown feminist writer, reader and storyteller from South India, who has dedicated most of her career to uplifting stories that center the perspectives of the most marginalized, unacknowledged and under-recognized people. She was a journalist for a brief stint at a leading daily before switching to working full-time with social justice movements. She has worked and consulted with non profits that are committed to advancing a feminist agenda, supported budding writers and storytellers and written human interest stories for development journals and e-magazines, among other things. Until recently, she was managing all public communications at FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund shaping and driving its content across different platforms. Deepa has studied literature and journalism and holds a Masters degree in Women's Studies, during which she completed her dissertation on women in contemporary South Asian erotic literature. She is passionate about centering joy in everything she does and has a keen interest in feminist parenting. Deepa has recently discovered the magical world of kid's literature and you will either find her (re)reading an old tale or looking for a new one to tell.