What We Do

Through our grantmaking program, Thousand Currents partners with organizations and movements —led by women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples in the Global South — that are creating lasting solutions to our shared global challenges.

Our partners develop solutions that are innovative and impactful. They work to ensure their communities have access to healthy and locally grown food, are able to enjoy economic prosperity that generates wellbeing for all people, and live in a safe and healthy environment that supports abundant life.

Through its Philanthropic Partnerships program, Thousand Currents works with donors to adopt transformative practices that can dismantle injustice and inequity. We have a responsibility and an opportunity to effect broad changes. Thousand Currents brings lessons from our continued lessons from grassroots-led social change to the international philanthropic sector.

We do this by sharing Thousand Currents’ proven partnership strategies. We also aim to demonstrate the attitudes, skills, language, and knowledge needed for international grantmaking to be more intentional, inclusive, and ethical within a social justice and human rights framework.

We work with donors, affinity groups, diaspora communities, young professionals, and foundations to encourage culturally competent practices and to mobilize resources for the ideas and initiatives of people around the world.

Collaborative Initiatives

We explore different models of collaboration in support of transformative grassroots work.