#BlackLivesMatter – We Will Not Be Intimidated Into Silence

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Photo Credit: Miki Jourdan Creative Commons
July 6, 2020

Over the past few weeks, Thousand Currents and other funders have been the targets of hateful disinformation campaigns and threats from far-right extremists, white nationalists and right-wing media. These attacks are aimed at discrediting the Black-led, multiracial mass movement of millions of people around the world who are speaking out against state-sanctioned violence, anti-Blackness, racism and white supremacy. 

Since our inception 35 years ago, we have supported grassroots organizations and movements globally that work for a just and equitable world. We have consistently stood for peace and justice and have been on the side of Black people, Indigenous peoples, and other communities of color around the globe whose rights, voices and very lives have been stifled by these same repressive, authoritarian, imperialist powers. 

To protect our team from these coordinated attacks, we have taken measures to shield the privacy and safety of our staff, donors and partners who have become the targets of harassment. In addition, just as many social media platforms have instituted policies to remove hate speech and calls to violence – the very thing we are fighting against – we feel it incumbent upon us to remove social media posts which fall under those categories. But, rest assured, we will not be intimidated into silence. These tactics will only fuel our support for and solidarity with the changemakers who are fighting for a racially just and equitable world. 

We encourage all people who believe that the truth still matters to seek out reputable sources, such as Fact Check, PolitiFact and Insider, and continue to support the courageous Black leaders and movements who are fighting for justice and our collective liberation.