Community led efforts bring well being in villages of Rajasthan

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January 6, 2021

Sahygog Sansthan in Udaipur, Rajasthan India is a community based organization that primarily supports a grassroots network of Indigenous farmers in one of the driest regions of the country. Rooted in Gandhian thought, Sahygog promotes swaraj – or self reliance – as one of their key tenets, encouraging communities to become less dependent on markets, government, and NGOs. One of Sahygog’s key strategies is to organize local communities into collectives that serve as a vehicle for self-led programs. Their work with such groups includes topics like water security, drought mitigation, revival of common pastureland, agroecology, and savings. The below photos capture some of Sahygog’s work in community-led development and ecological restoration over the past year.

  • A group of women meet their self-help group in the Malarvas village. These grassroots collective approaches encourage group formation, decision making, and action on several fronts. Their work deals with basic savings and thrift activities to encourage a common pool of funds for members. The groups also discuss health, farming, or social enterprises.
Born and raised in India, Ashlesha is the Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific. Her background is in learning from and supporting Indian and global farmers’ movements like La Via Campesina for more than ten years. Ashlesha's research work centers on agroecology, peasant movements, public policies, and gender. Ashlesha Khadse

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