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Let us continue

A message from Mary Tal, Founder and Director of Whole World Women Association in Cape Town, South Africa

Working and living in South Africa today, we face many of the same issues as the U.S. We too are challenged by fear and pain and rejection, and neoliberal economies as well as the legacy of apartheid that has continued to degrade the majority poor people.

Personally I believe that there is hope. There is love and humanity upon which we can prove to the skeptics that a new world is possible – a place where there is enough for everyone, where my children and my neighbor’s children – though so clearly different – are respectful, caring, and trusting of one another.

I believe in courage and resilience, in doing good, and in positive thinking. I believe that we shall soon have our day of celebration. Walls may be built to keep people out, and these same walls shall be dismantled in the name of justice and peace.

As a Thousand Currents’ supporter, you are a peace builder alongside me. Let us continue to build communities of human rights activists, strengthen our knowledge, as well as enhance and sharpen our perspectives. Let us remember that the political, economic, and social context of every country, including the U.S., is constantly changing, thus putting us all under tremendous pressure to keep up with our work.

It is now that we have to build our strategy, support each other to build a stronger community, and believe in our love and humanity.

I have defeated pain and replaced that with resilience and trust in the human family. To say the truth, I have no fear – only hope and the courage to love.

A luta continua.

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