Founded in 2008 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2022

Muyissi Environment

Protecting biodiverse forests in Gabon

Founded in 2008 by farmers and activists, Muyissi works to protect Gabon’s bio-diverse forests and ecosystems, which are pivotal to the survival of Indigenous communities. Though Muyissi was initially established in support of the government’s call for environmental protection, in 2012 it began to focus on supporting communities displaced by palm oil plantations.  It raises awareness of the environmental degradation and land grabs that result from multinational corporate activities, and builds community capacity to resist extractivism and harmful environmental practices. Muyissi works to protect community land rights in Gabon and ensures that communities are active in natural resource management. Muyissi offers movement support to 67 villages, across 5 provinces in maintaining or building ecologically sustainable communities. Muyissi has 100 members that contribute towards shaping the strategic direction of the organization, 10 of these members conduct the daily operations.

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