Founded in 2000 | Thousand Currents Partner since 2018

Pacific Network on Globalization

Campaigning for Trade Justice

Established in 2000 by regional NGOs based in Suva, Fiji, the Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) is a regional organization that describes itself as “the people’s watchdog on trade and economic issues.”  On seeing how civil society was left out of the debate on trade liberalization and how the free trade agenda neglected to prioritize human development and poverty reduction, PANG developed into a research, advocacy, capacity building and campaign organization. Choosing a networking model to achieve its objectives, their staff and supporters from various Indigenous communities support and work with national and community-level groups representing diverse constituencies and interests: trade unions, feminists, young people, traditional landowners, community and environmental groups, academics, parliamentarians and government officials. PANG’s current priorities include:

  • Free trade agreements – World Trade Organization, Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations Plus, Economic Partnership Agreements
  • Challenging foreign-investment led development
  • Resource extraction, including land grabbing and seabed mining
  • Alternative development such as the protection of customary land tenure systems and ensuring food sovereignty.
  • Supporting independence in West Papua and defending extractives industries through a campaign against seabed mining.

They draw on the technical and professional skills of economists, lawyers, scientists, political analysts and regional experts to support national and local regional initiatives  with strategic and customized campaigns.