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Sahyog Sansthan

Ensuring communities are building a sustainable future for themselves

Sahyog Sansthan are a team of scientists, organizers, and agrarian families from the arid state of Rajasthan in India. As the rural poor in this region deal with the lack of access to secondary education, caste discrimination, low job opportunities and droughts, sustainable farming remains a vital cornerstone of their economy. Sahyog Sansthan has been a pioneer in building resilience via watershed management and drought proofing to ensure that rural families have access to water throughout the year. This has helped to take the guesswork out of agrarian planning, allowing local communities to farm and rear livestock throughout the year. Such efforts have ensured sustainable livelihoods and access to income, food and water for the local families. Additionally, SAHYOG uses the process of organizing and educating farmers as an opportunity to change beliefs and practices about caste, gender, health, nutrition and to fulfill the Gandhian vision of swaraj, or self-governance.

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