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Grassroots Solutions

Women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples
living and working closest to problems
are the source of innovative solutions.

Join us in championing the visionary grassroots leaders and groups
forging solutions to our shared global challenges:

Food Sovereignty

The freedom to choose how your food is grown 

Food sovereignty means that communities have the autonomy to define their own food systems, contextualized within a community’s cultural, traditional, political, and economic realities and traditions. Around the world, Thousand Currents partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America have been reclaiming their food systems for decades.

Our partners:

  • sharing sustainable and organic food production methods;
  • organizing to sell their food collectively for fair prices;protecting biodiversity and genetic resources within ecosystems;
  • lowering costs while improving the quality and quantity of their yields; and
  • educating their governments to put smallholder farmers’ interests before those of multinational corporations.


Economic Justice

Prioritizing producers and consumers, not shareholders

Thousand Currents partners are active participants in creating change and building wealth—not just income—for their communities. Our partners help create local economies organized around solidarity and collective interests, rather than entrepreneurial principles.

Our partners:

  • build skills to use existing land and other natural resources in sustainable ways;
  • create access to collective savings and affordable credit through village banking;
  • generate income based on sustainably produced traditional arts and food production;
  • support collective manufacturing and capital generation to enter local and international markets;
  • train each other in financial management and cooperative development to survive employment discrimination;
  • ensure healthy and safe working conditions; and
  • equitably distribute decision-making power among all economic players.


Climate Justice

Forging a future beyond the doom and gloom

Climate change involves the contamination of water sources and air, deforestation of ancestral lands, and an increase of natural disasters and erratic weather patterns, which affect a community’s ability to grow enough food. Thousand Currents partners understand that a holistic approach to environmental challenges not only honors our planet, but also creates opportunities for communities to manage the land, water, and seeds on which their lives and livelihoods depend.

 Our partners:

  • reduce communities’ vulnerability to natural disasters;
  • reclaim ancestral knowledge of land stewardship and food production;
  • share sustainable farming and grazing practices;
  • learn new technologies to rebuild healthy communities;
  • combat toxic waste and pollution;
  • address environmental racism; and
  • create ecologically sound alternative economies.