The promise of agroecology for women

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October 31, 2017

By Trishala Deb, Former Asia Program Director

One of our new catalyst partners is Focus on the Global South (FGS). Working as “an activist think tank in Asia providing analysis and building alternatives for just social, economic and political change,” they have a great video explaining the basics of how this hub for thought leaders and organizers works:

One of their recent publications, Women, Agroecology & Gender Equality, features powerful case studies that prove the assumptions that agroecology is better for women – who are the powerful majority of farmers in this world. This report was authored by Ashlesha Khadse, one of the members of the collective Amrita Bhoomi.

The report covers:

  • Basic concepts about gender, patriarchy, gender roles, and how all they relate to agriculture;
  • How capitalist developments in agriculture have intensified gender inequalities and marginalized women;
  • The current status of women in agriculture in India, including rights and entitlements;
  • An analysis of agroecology today, what conditions create gender equality and which do not; and
  • An examination of impacts at the household level and how it can create more opportunities for women at the community level.

It’s a long report read, but I highly recommend taking a look at the four case studies of women’s groups in South Asia starting on page 30. You’ll see the promise of agroecology in action and how it has transformed women’s positions in their households and communities.

You can peruse more of Focus on the Global South’s publications here.