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Theory of Change Outlines Vision for International Development and Philanthropy

January 1, 2014

International Development Exchange (IDEX)* is pleased to announce the release of its newly revised Theory of Change. Illustrated in an eye-catching infographic, the Theory of Change is a result of a consultative process with IDEX’s grantee partners, philanthropic partners, Board of Directors, staff and other stakeholders. The Theory of Change outlines IDEX’s vision for the change that we seek in international development and philanthropy.

Social and organizational change can be non-linear, complex and iterative. The IDEX Theory of Change reflects these characteristics both in its design and approach. It allows community-based organizations, and IDEX itself, to easily evaluate the progress we are making towards building democratic, equitable and environmentally sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

The IDEX Theory of Change lays out a pathway to transformative social change that is based around four areas of concentration that have emerged from an inclusive and participatory evaluation process over the past ten years with our grantee partners and leaders in philanthropy. IDEX and its grassroots partners work towards community self-determination, organizational resilience and global solidarity. In addition, IDEX will also work in the fourth area of concentration, which is advocating for increased and smarter international philanthropy, primarily in the Global North. Focusing efforts into these four areas will lead to the IDEX vision of a world free from poverty, injustice and all forms of discrimination.

Our collective vision is rooted in nearly three decades of experience in human rights, culturally competent grantmaking, and authentic relationships with grantee partners in the Global South. This tool is meant to be accessible, useful and replicable for the entire social-change sector. We invite you to join us in building a community of practice so that together we can achieve just, compassionate and dignified lives for all.

About IDEX

IDEX is an international social justice grantmaking organization that goes well beyond making grants. We identify, evaluate, and grow the best ideas from local leaders and organizations in Asia, Africa and Latin America to alleviate poverty and injustice. We connect a passionate and engaged network of supporters in the Western world to the visionary grassroots leaders and organizations in the Global South that are creating lasting solutions to the challenges facing their communities.

Since its founding in 1985, IDEX has supported more than 500 grassroots, community-led projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Annually, IDEX’s partners serve approximately 1.2 million people in impoverished communities, including marginalized women, small farmers, indigenous communities, low-income urban residents, sexual and ethnic minorities, and youth. For more information, visit www.idex.org.

*Thousand Currents changed its name from IDEX in 2016

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