Behind every gift is your story. It contains your personal motive to do good in the world.



Thanks to our community of supporters, we’ve exceeded our fundraising goal for the end of 2017!

Now into the new year, we are recommitted to deepening partnerships with brilliant grassroots leaders and philanthropic advocates. 





By calling Jessie Spector at 415-824-8384, ext. 123. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

Or mail your donation to:

Thousand Currents
2120 University Ave
Berkeley, CA 94704

Please make checks payable to “Thousand Currents.”

Thousand Currents Tax ID #: 77-0071852


If you have appreciated stock that you have held for one, if not many, years, consider a gift of stock to Thousand Currents and save on taxes. When you gift the stock directly to Thousand Currents, you not only receive a tax deduction for your gift at the current market value, but you also avoid tax liability on the appreciated gain. For more information on how to make a stock or securities transfer, see Thousand Currents Stock Gift Instructions.


Many employers make matching gifts. Find out if yours does by searching here and double the size of your contribution! Some employers arrange for pre-tax deductions and handle the donation for you to your favorite organization for you.


Our planned gift program offers a variety of gift vehicles that may provide increased benefits to you and Thousand Currents by coordinating your philanthropy with your financial or estate plans. For more information contact Jessie Spector, Director of Donor Organizing, by phone 415-824-8384 x 123 or via email at jessie (at) thousandcurrents (dot) org.

Volunteers and Internships

Volunteers and interns are part of our beloved community and intricately woven into Thousand Currents’ story. Their generosity, talent, and skills have not only contributed to our partners’ work but have built a network of people dedicated to the transformative work of grassroots leaders around the world!

We eagerly welcome fresh perspectives and talent to join our team.

Volunteer and Internship Openings

Position: Latin America Program Research Intern

Type: Part-time, 15 to 20 hours per week, non-exempt
Location: Flexible (required to meet virtually with supervisor each week)
Compensation: $15/hour
Team: Programs Team
Position Reports to: Latin America Regional Director
Requirements: Must have own computer and web access
Period: March to May 2018


The Latin America (LA) Program Research Intern will bring a combination of impeccable professionalism, intellectual curiosity, a passion for social justice, and a desire to work in a participatory way as a team player. Specifically, the LA Program Research Intern will have strong researching skills, interest in learning about the funding environment for international development and ways in which Thousand Currents supports long-term alternative economies, climate justice, and food sovereignty in partnership with grassroots organizations in the Global South.

For a three-month period, the role of the LA Program Research Intern will be to produce research projects and reports on natural resource defenders and afro-descendent communities in the Latin America region.

Read full internship description here.

Application Process

Due to the large number of applicants, we cannot accept phone calls regarding current opportunities. Our priority is to find the best match that mutually benefits our work and our community of volunteers and interns. Please note additional application requirements are detailed in full internship descriptions. 

Please email your cover letter and résumé to our Operations Coordinator, Dino Foxx at dino (at) thousandcurrents (dot) org.

Young Professionals Group 

The Young Professionals Group (YPG) focuses on building a broad-based community that supports the mission of Thousand Currents and its grassroots partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. As a YPG member, you will receive invitations to membership events and meetings hosted by Thousand Currents and the YPG, in addition to many unique opportunities to engage and volunteer, such as:

  • Meeting grassroots leaders from the Global South, such as María Estela Barco Huerta of Desarrollo Económico Social los Indígenas (Social Economic Development of Indigenous Mexicans, DESMI), recipient of the 2014 Global Exchange International Human Rights Award;
  • Beer-tasting events to support local microbrewers;
  • Networking events with individuals interested in fighting poverty and supporting social justice;
  • Skills workshops and panel discussions on going global with your career; and
  • Engaging the community by working creatively with Thousand Currents’ Artists-in-Residence

Want to become a member? Learn more about ways to engage with our YPG here.

Grassroots Brilliance

Stories of our partners' impact

Africa | Alternative Economies

Community-built opportunity

From Nepal to Mexico, grassroots innovation holds promise for the whole world.

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Africa | Alternative Economies

Community-built opportunity

From Nepal to Mexico, grassroots innovation holds promise for the whole world.

Asia | Grassroots Leadership

Mobilizing millions

Rural women in Nepal are transforming the economic and political landscape in their country.

Alternative Economies | Latin America

“We resist through the art”

The women of AFEDES stand up to corporate theft of Mayan designs.

Africa | Grassroots Leadership

Stepping into power

An emerging young women’s movement is continuing the work of the previous generation of women’s rights leaders in Zimbabwe.

Asia | Climate Justice

Here’s your evidence

Need evidence that bottom-up approaches work?

Climate Justice | Global

“Water is life ...”

The fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline is a critical fight for all of us around the world.